Collab blog by kumashige, rosuuri and shinkusora
Monochrome Curse


Height: 185 cm

Likes: patterned clothes, people, tea, peaceful day, chores, his mask

Dislikes: getting wet, cold weather


-weak at communicating which tend to make a lot misunderstanding to people around him

-kind and caring to people.

-He wears his mask occasionally, since he doesn’t want to scare people away with his scary mask.

-Collecting patterned clothes is one of his hobby.

-He use sword and fire



Height: 145 cm

Likes: helping people, cute stuff, flowers, candy

Dislikes: prank, arrogant people


-like to help people/other youkai, especially helping Hakura in doing chores.

-In free time, she usually playing around the shrine or with Toraoyuu.

-She is pretty shy around stranger



Height: 154 cm

Likes: pranks, jokes, fish

Dislikes: water


-likes to prank other people/youkai

-the prank doesn’t really effect Hakura. His favorite victim is Renchou

-unconsciously add “nyan” to every sentences 

-is childish, easily provoked and accept every challenges.

-Haruto is his partner in crime